January Small Group Intervention

One of my New Years resolutions is to be more organized during my small group intervention time.  Three times a week I pull my small groups for intervention and I do activities with them according to their needs.  The goal is to work with them at THEIR level to eventually bring them up to grade level.  I wanted to have cute January themed activities to use during my small group time, so I create this January Small Group Intervention for Kindergarten.

This January pack has several printables for you to practice during your small group time!  Here are the skills that are covered in the January edition:
-Rhyming words
-Isolating the beginning, middle, last sound
-Sentence writing
-Letter fluency
-Upper and lowercase letters
-Letter order
-Matching letters
-Letter sounds
-What letter comes next/before
-CVC and Sight Word comprehension

My lowest group of students still needs practice with letter names and matching upper and lowercase letters.  I know they will LOVE this snow globe letter match practice!

Rhyming is still a skill that some of my students are struggling with.  I love using REAL photos to have them practice rhyming words.  They can also use these cards to practice beginning, middle, last sounds!!!

Here are some mittens to practice ordering the letters.  We also use them to practice letter names and sounds!

I find that first and last sounds are easier for kids to learn than the MIDDLE sounds!  These can be tricky!  This is definitely a skill that we will be working on this month.

I grouped common skills together like:
Phonemic Awareness
Letter Fluency
Sentence Writing

Each skill has several suggestions of how you could work with the kids in a small group.  Along with each skill, there is a printable page for you to use for reinforcement, assessment, or additional practice.

Here is a peek at what is inside!!!

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Walkin' in a So Cal Wonderland FREEBIE

I want to share with you about my December and a little trip I took to NYC with my hubby!!!

It was such an exciting night to see the Rockefeller tree in person! This was definitely something I had dreamed about seeing... but I wasn't prepared for the cold weather! 

Here is the view from the Empire State Building.  We visited this building in memory of my Grandma who worked in the building as a translator right after college.  It was a great moment to remember my Grandma and to see the city from above.

Annnnd my favorite part of our quick trip was visiting the Teachers Pay Teachers office!  Everyone was so nice and their office is beautiful!  It was definitely a bucket list item for me to check off!

Here is our little family Christmas day!  Herc was HATING those reindeer ears, but I had to get this picture!  lol!!!

Now...for your freebie...
I just made this NEW January Small Group Intervention pack that will be so helpful to keep your small group prep SIMPLE!

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Gift Tags for the HOME!

I just posted some free gift tags for you students, but here are some you can you use for YOUR friends and family!  I just started wrapping my gifts (late, I know...) and I didn't have any tags!  I made these bad boys, printed them out, and added them to my presents.  :)

Click HERE to download! :)

P.S. I LOVE being at the mall during the Christmas season.  I love the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the long lines, the Christmas decorations...all of it!  But I have a new conclusion.  I love it BEFORE December 20th.  I went to the mall yesterday and seriously wanted to pull my hair out...it took me 45 minutes just to get out of the mall traffic!  I totally envy those people that are done with their shopping before Thanksgiving, but I am SO not one of those people.  Here is a picture of Herc...and this is how tired I felt after braving the mall...

(omg he is so cute!!!)

Christmas Gift Tags

I was just sharing on my Instagram (@ApplesAndAbcs) that I am wrapping my students' Christmas gifts.  I made these cute little tags to add to the gift.  Some lovely ladies asked if I would share them, so I hopped on the computer to see if anyone else wanted them too!

I have two different versions that you can download.  If you are computer savvy, then there is an EDITABLE version for you.  You just download the PPT, and type in your own name and print!  

If you just want to write your own name in, then you can download the PDF!

I hope these little tags will be helpful for you!  Hopefully you aren't as last minute as I am! ;)